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De-Evolution Of Theory is a hit!!!!!!!!

"...I’ve always felt that a guitar should complement a band sound, laying down the riffs over a heady baseline with some seriously crunchy vocals but ‘De-evolution of Theory’ was a shock, from the outset of the opening track, it was evident that this was something different with its heavy opening and mesmerising lead playing."

"...At the end of the day, an album like ‘De-evolution of theory’ is a showcase for a guitarists talents and this it achieves tenfold, proving Steve Senes deserves the title of superstar. His guitar playing has a unique quality that can keep a complete Luddite like me intrigued to listen for longer than I expected and in addition to the playing, is something amazing."

Simon Mulholland - Vanguard Online
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"Steve the multi talented self taught guitarist who seems to have snuck in under the radar and caught quite a few people by surprise...Instrumental albums appeal to a very selective audience, a very fickle audience, but Steve’s “dE-eVolution oF thEorY” is a fantastic debut solo album."

"...Malmsteen’s fret blistering solos left me cold. Senes doesn’t have the same effect, but a huge thank you goes out to Yngwie for inspiring that 15 year old to pick up a guitar. The joy of Senes’ playing is that it’s eclectic, all encompassing, with “Swami” being a deceptively quiet but ominous start, before a granite slab of a guitar riff drops in. The solo work over the top is sublime, very “Satch” like, never ridiculously over powering."

"...anybody that can sound so good to be confused with Vai or Satch has got some outstanding skill."

"...Senes’ 12 track impressive masterpiece. It’s a fine polished performance, and hopefully it’ll shout loud enough amongst the crowds to get your attention."

Hunter - The Jitty
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"Not all guitarists who totally on their own to do a disk to bring it here as well, at least not in the sense that for the average listener to hear. Steve Senes late with his debut on Global Music heard that it is quite possible to absolutely everything from A to Z to do yourself and still deliver a great product. ThE-eVolution of Theory is the best guitar album in years that I’ve been on my desk. So much class, so much variety, so much audible fun, it’s unbelievable."

"While other players who ended up trying the same in a seemingly endless series of squeaky guitar noodling or too long drawn out solos Steve brings a tremendous variety in style and sound. From metal to classical and shredding to almost baroque acoustic guitar and everything in between. Of course, everything on the CD in the service of the guitar, but without being disruptive. Because many of his musical genre and style changes, is a true style is not clearly identified, but for me it is by no means a loss, rather a bonus in this case."

"Steve Senes is a name to remember-and dE-eVolution of Theory (with capital letters where that fucking good I do not know!) A CD to enjoy in between all the rock and metal violence once again turning to run. I can name all the great guitar soloists there are thrown against it, but Steve has a bit of everything, so it makes little sense. Simply listen and enjoy..."

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"To me his style evolved from Satriani (the Swami), Steve Morse (Greaseball) A majority of titles rather rock and hard rock, which does not prevent him from flirting with success on ballads (Ruth), the medieval (Angel ) and even an alcoholic funk (cop show)."

"The man has his imprint to it is fluid, fly high. It spins, shakes it right side and metal / rock please those who like a small dose of pulsed power with finesse and power."

"In addition it is a first attempt, so it is now necessary that the man said a little more color note. Difficult to take the same route as its big brothers, especially the kind that was somewhat stalled in recent years (except for those that mimic the real by buying the “scratch karaoke” that make you believe that we are musicians). but on the other side make the instrumental “guitar hero”, without boring the listener is not within the reach of everyone. He succeeds without problem."

Metal France
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"It takes good mercilessly and never bored. Senes’ experience in all styles of music has ensured that every song, despite lack of singing, sounds like a track from a different genre. From metal to country, from latin to funk, it flows seamlessly between the Steve when his guitar sing. Listen for example, “Cop Show” and “Face Check ‘in that order. Funk metal and stitched together with a simple interlude."

"Theory Of De-Evolution is a very good guitar album where nothing is really to be desired. It’s an album where you prefer to call it a hoarse throat - “fuck yeah!” - Now this is real music men. Get rid of those half-baked, female R & B songs that have riff and solo by Santana or Slash. Steve Senes knows how to do it."

Randy Timmers - Festival Info
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"The press sheet also informs that he’s attained a wide array of playing styles through the disparate bands within which he’s played - “from Rock, Metal, Country to Funk, R&B and Soul”. A little digging on Senes’ website likens his fretboard skills to just about every iconic guitarist from the past thirty years with mention of Vai, Satch, Becker, Malmsteen, Gilbert, Santana, Van Halen, Johnson, Lynch and Bettencourt. Talk about building a guy up for a big fall with comparisons to such legendary virtuosos although, fortunately, fall he does not, rather the music and playing on ‘dE-eVolution oF thEorY’ serves to consolidate these high claims."

"Stylistically, the twelve instrumental tracks that comprise the album are actually as diverse as the press sheet would have you believe and, most importantly for an album of this nature, sustains listening attention throughout with both said diversity and some melodiously engaging music, interposed with passages of breath-taking shred that will please those who thrive on filling their ears with fretboard speed and more notes per bar of music than the brain can digest."

"After listening to ‘dE-eVolution oF thEorY’ in its entirety, I can easily see why Senes won high acclaim last year with ‘Guitar Player Magazine’s Superstar 2009’. So, a new name for me like I said, but one I shall be keeping an eye out for in the future. As far as instrumental guitar albums go, this one is up there with some the best."

Mark Holmes - Metal Discovery
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"Senes ably demonstrates why he was Guitar Player Magazine’s 2009 Guitar Superstar. This guy can really play, and thankfully he can write some damned good tunes as well. There’s a range of styles on the album, from mood music through to out and out heavy rock."

"So on one hand this is another guitar album, hot on the heels of Satriani’s latest, but I think I can truthfully say that if you’re into Satch you should check this out without fail. Fresh, vibrant and eclectic, Steve Senes is a name to watch."

Alan Holloway - Rock United
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"Steve Senes, the man with the name behind this album, is a bit of an unknown guitar god…although probably not for much longer. One listen to the material on his debut instrumental “De-Evolution Of Theory”, or to write it correctly “dE-eVolution oF thEorY”, will tell you this guy is going great places."

"With influences in rock, metal, country, funk, soul, classical and more, Steve’s playing never lacks for variety. DEOT is as varied as a shred album ever gets, ranging from heavy metal that’ll have hair and heads rocking all over the place, down to sweet melodies you could get lost in for hours.
Add in the fact the album is completely self written, performed, produced, engineered and mixed by the guy, and the evidence points to Steve being the complete package."

The depth and variety of the sound is astonishing. This is like a lesson in all genres of guitar showmanship. The production is crystal clear, and every instrument - be it real or synthesised - has a wonderful crisp sound.
Not So Good:
The man is not better known. He clearly needs to get involved with a Chickenfoot-style project with top-end musicians to get really noticed. An instrumental - however good it is - may not give him the fame he deserves.
The Songs:
All much of a muchness, that muchness being excellence. This is not an album full of amazing catchy tunes that’ll stick in the mind for days - although some of the riffs are truly memorable. This is an album for listeners to drool over every intricate detail and nuance. From a technical standpoint, “De-Evolution Of Theory” is off the scale.
In Summation:
Bloody impressive. What else can you say? This is how to make a statement with a debut album."

Rock Realms
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"The sublime guitar work of this virtuoso is an absolute delight to the ear. the diversity of styles, Jazz, Latin, rock, country, funk and even classical music I hear coming over the speakers. This trip is really fantastic instrumental. Steve managed to look so very good, it seems that part of him belongs. But who is Steve Senes, really? Take Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Carlos Santana, shake these styles together and you get Steve Senes best."

"About the CD I can be short, wow, what a fantastic album. I can only say one thing, buy this CD! (9 / 10) (DR2 / Inter Groove)"
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