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Steve Senes

Having played with various bands over the years, Steve Senes has amassed quite a large variety of styles ranging from Rock, Metal, Country to Funk, R&B and Soul. Every band Steve has played with has left a mark on his playing and writing style. This diversity is especially evident on Steve's current release, "dE-eVolution oF thEorY".

This instrumental foray takes you on a wild ride through many styles and vibes of music - through the aforementioned genres, also including hints of Latin, Jazz, even a Classical moment or two. The variety can only be described as schizophrenic musical bliss! As one listens through this collection, the diversity - even among the heavier rock tracks - is pronounced and sets it apart from so many other Instrumental rock releases. It’s this diversity and attention to how the song “feels” that Steve hopes will become the signature hallmark of his instrumental guitar career. Completely self written, performed, produced, engineered and mixed, "dE-eVolution oF thEorY" is an excellent showcase of Steve's many musical talents.

"Senes gave a totally kick-ass performance, wowing judges and audience alike with his chops, dynamics, tone, and attitude."  -Guitar

“First of all, where have you been and why are we just now getting to hear you have a style all your own but I just have to say this - Yngwie Who?” - Jennifer Batten, Longtime guitarist for Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck Group, Solo Artist

“...just magical. (It) really floored me. Excellent!" - Greg Hampton, producer for Ronnie Wood, Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, etc...

“Steve is an incredibly talented player who has chops, melody as well as groove...Steve has the skills to become the next great instrumental guitarist of our time!" - Trace Davis, Owner of Voodoo Amplification

“Wow - wow wow wow! Amazing man. After listening to 15 other guitar managed to light the place up. Youʼre great...the only question is why we havenʼt heard of you yet, youʼre good...” - Elliot Easton of The Cars

“...absolutely got a shot at doinʼ something Pal” - Earl Slick, guitarist for John Lennon, David Bowie

“Badass! Youʼre my new favorite guitar player...I wanna be you when I grow up” - Legendary Guitarist Steve Lukather of Toto



Steve Senes

So who is this guy? Imagine if you will the soulful, melodic catchiness of Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and George Lynch; the sneaky, rhythmic quickness of old school Eddie Van Halen and Nuno Bettencourt; the harmonic complexity of Steve Vai and Jason Becker; the insane shred of Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert. Now add the drum and bass-heavy crunch of Metallica; the brutal grooviness of Pantera, Disturbed and Sevendust. Toss in a cool Latin journey ala Carlos Santana; even take a trip back to the 70ʼs on a Starsky and Hutch vibe.

The above is but a glimpse of the music of guitarist/songwriter Steve Senes. Combining a multitude of styles, culled from many years of touring the country playing almost every type of club scene imaginable (Rock, Metal, Disco, Country etc.) Steve is able to musically craft and tell a story taking the listener up, down, and a little sideways, all without relying on lyrics and vocals, and manages to show some impressive guitar skills as well!

Since discovering the music of KISS at the age of 7, loud pounding Rock-n-Roll has played a central roll in Steve’s life. Growing up in a rural town fifty miles south of Washington, D.C., out of range of most radio stations (no MTV), exposure to new music wasn’t easy to come by. Being content with the escape provided through the music of such bands as KISS, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Van Halen and Ozzy (to name but a few), Steve didnʼt actually start playing seriously until the age of 15, after hearing the insane playing of Yngwie Malmsteen.

According to Steve, “I was at a party and my friend Dave said “hey check this out”, and puts on the live Alcatrazz album. As soon as I heard Yngwieʼs playing, I committed myself to becoming the best player I could be, right there on the spot!”

Completely self-taught, Steve quickly began building a name for himself, pulling off Randy Rhoads and Van Halen solos by ear, mere weeks after picking up the guitar. Cutting his teeth playing the local scene, Steve learned early on to love the stage. Driven by this, Steve retreated into an almost unimaginable practice regimen. On days when he actually went to school, Steve was playing guitar 12 to 14 hours a day, sometimes more.



All the heavy practicing began to pay off early as Steve started entering and winning every guitar contest within driving range (including one judged by the legendary Steve Vai). Local gigs grew into regional shows and soon Steve caught the attention of such notable figures as Eric Johnson, Paul Reed Smith, “Dimebag” Daryl Abbot and others. Soon after, Steve was exposed to the world of touring; gigging nationwide nearly continuously, from D.C. to Seattle, Hollywood, to Texas and everywhere in between. After years of constant touring in a pickup truck, dealing with a withering metal scene, Steve got a wild hair to move to South Carolina and play Country music. Yee Haw!Steve Senes

The Country thing only lasted a few months but, liking his new surroundings, Steve decided to stay. Spending the next decade-plus playing with a wide variety of cover bands provided Steve with an expansive range of additional influences from Brent Mason to George Benson, Eric Johnson, the DeLeo Brothers (Stone Temple Pilots), all the fantastic Funk players, and most recently all the Southern Rock masters, such as the inimitable Warren Haynes, Duane Allman, Gary Rossington and Allen Collins; a collection far too extensive to list here.

Several years of 300+ gigs a year with various local/regional acts has further transformed Steve, from a guy who just loves to play, to an artist who craves the stage seven nights a week. Through all this, Steve has continued writing music. Over the years this wide range of influences has really begun to show in Steve’s songwriting. Although heavy grooves and riffs still make up a good number of Steve’s songs, you’ll notice the huge array of influences.

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